Campaign Details

Campaign Validity:

Ends today, 9 May 2020 (2359hrs)

Eligible Winners: 

All Seedly users who have updated a review that was written before July 2019. 

Definition of an 'updated review':

A review is only considered 'updated' if the user shares new information. It can be a new experience, hindsight, or an explanation of why you are still using or no longer using the product​. 

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Step 1: Login to Seedly

Step 2: Click into your profile and select 'Reviews'

Step 3: Choose any review written before July 2019

Step 4: Click 'Edit' to update the review

Step 5: Share new information or tell us why you're still using/no longer using the product!

Step 6: Save Changes

How To Participate?

What Is This Campaign About?

At Seedly, we do our best to provide reliable information. However, we need your help.

Let's give back to the Community by doing our part to ensure that the reviews we post are up-to-date.

And Seedly will also give back to the larger Community by supporting a local social enterprise, Foreword Coffee. 

About Foreword Coffee:

Foreword recognises the potential of persons with disabilities and special needs and provides inclusive training and employment opportunities in the food services industry. Foreword started in 2017 as a hole-in-a-wall cafe in the National University of Singapore (NUS) and has since grown to a company offering a range of products and services while growing the number of café outlets serving specialty coffee in Singapore. We are a social enterprise member of raiSE (Singapore Centre for Social Enterprises) and we strive to amplify our impact through the initiatives and projects that we do.